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As the years come and go, one thing is always a constant – my inability to blog frequently.

But hey, it’s January!

New Year, New Me. 

I know we’re already more than halfway into the first month of 2019, but better late than never!

Instead of boring and predictable resolutions like “blog more”, “exercise more” and “eat healthy” that I know I can’t keep, I’ve decided to set goals that are a little more ‘unconventional’ this year. I’ve always tried to make my year-end/new year posts less cliché, so I hope this lives up to it.

1. Watch More Netflix 💻

This might be the complete opposite of what someone else would have on their list, but I’ve had a Netflix subscription for 4 months now and I’ve only watched Aggretsuko (my first anime!!) and Black Mirror. My subscription is severely under-utilised and I want to change that. It’s time to bring back binge-watching Mandy from uni days.

Did you know? I binge watched season 1-6 of Game of Thrones in a week and a half during exam week at 3am in the morning.

2. Spend Less on Stationery

I’m barely into the first week of the year and I’ve already spent over RM100 on stationery. I tell myself it’s because I’m starting a bullet journal this year, but we all know the truth. I’m not sure how to quantify ‘less’, but maybe not more than RM300 this year?

P.S. Aliexpress sells really cheap and pretty washi tape!

3. Minimise Reddit Time

The past couple of months, I developed an obsession with Reddit. I spend my 45-minute commute to and from work browsing Reddit. Waiting for meals? Reddit. Before bed? Reddit. You get the point. No doubt, I’ve actually learnt a lot and seen a lot of interesting things, but I need to divide my time more equally.

However, if you’re looking to jump into the Reddit rabbit hole, here are some of my favourite subreddits:

  • r/writingprompts – The things some people come up with… So. Good.
  • r/relationships – Some truly ridiculous situations here, but also some genuinely good advice sometimes. Thanks, Steph!
  • r/pettyrevenge – A guilty pleasure.

4. Focus on Skin Care

Being comfortable in your own skin feels good. This year, I’m investing in skin care (with the money I don’t spend on stationery). It’s not just throwing more money at skin care products. I’m guilty of picking at my pimples, touching my face with dirty hands, and most importantly… Forgetting to wear sunscreen. 😅

Here’s to clear, glowy and radiant skin in 2019!

5. Read More Books

I used to read a lot. In fact, I used to be able to read up to 3 books a day. I’m not talking children’s books, I’m talking about Jodi Picoult-type books. But how many books have I read the past 3 years? Probably about 5. I don’t often have the attention span to finish reading a book these days unless it’s really suspenseful and twisted (like You by Caroline Kepnes. Thanks again, Steph).

I guess this goal isn’t really as unconventional as the rest, but I do miss great storytelling and basking in the aftermath of a good book. So this year, I pledge to read a book a month!

Book recs, anyone? Preferably fiction!


So these are my ‘unconventional’ goals for 2019. What are some interesting goals you’ve set for yourself this year?