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Today’s blog post title is brought to you by my friend Jo Ann.

I have recently returned to Malaysia after my year of studies in the UK. I’ve been home for 17 days and in that time I have exercised more than I have in the past two years.

I went for a bootcamp class just two days after I landed in Malaysia, jet lag and all, and I almost DIED. That class was only my second time exercising this year! I felt quite intimidated going for bootcamp but my mother somehow managed to convince my cousin to join us so that I wouldn’t be the only noob there (sorry, Angelene).

Two days after bootcamp, I went to the gym. Another two days after, I went for pilates class. Then two days after that, I went to the gym again even though I had bootcamp class the next day. This was followed by a morning hike the day after my bootcamp class!

My family and friends are amazed with my determination and motivation! Heck, even I am pretty amazed with myself!

Why the sudden burst of motivation to exercise, you ask?
Well, because I signed up for the Viper Challenge in December!

What is the Viper Challenge?
It is Asia’s biggest obstacle course! The course is 20km long and consists of 20 obstacles!!! OMG.

I am well aware that I may not be able to complete this race, but right now, it is the only thing motivating me to exercise more than I ever have since primary school. So I think this is a good thing!

Okay, but that is not the only reason why I have recently started exercising.


I did it!

I was tricked into thinking that I was running 10km for a charity run today, only to find out it was 4.5km a day before. Rude.

When I was young, I actually used to be very active. I cycled almost everyday after school, went for gymnastics, golf, and swimming lessons. I even roller skated at one point! But as I grew older, I got lazy. Very lazy. The fact that I was blessed with a fast metabolism did not help at all. I could eat a lot of carbs and sugar without gaining (much) weight! THANK YOU MOTHER FOR THESE GENES.

But even though I looked fit and healthy on the outside, I knew I wasn’t healthy on the inside. The words of my wise friend Daphne “YOU WILL REGRET IT WHEN YOU ARE OLDER” echoed in my head as well. I don’t want to feel sluggish all day even though I’ve barely done anything.

More importantly, I would much rather exercise than face these two dreaded words: Job hunt.